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Polaris RZR Parts, Accessories & Apparel Polaris Pro HD 4500lb Winch

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The incredible pulling power of our Polaris PRO HD 4,500 lb winch just got a whole lot faster thanks to new Rapid Rope Recovery - new technology that allows you to retrieve excess cable 5-times faster. The winch dial features three settings: FREE SPOOL to attach the winch hook, PULL for winch mode, and RAPID ROPE RECOVERY for faster re-spooling.
    Auto Stop Technology stops the winch automatically when the collar touches the fairlead saving time and preventing over-spooling.
    • 4,500 lbs of pulling capacity
    • Mount included
    • New Rapid Rope Recovery design with standard pulling mode and high-speed recovery
    • Wireless remote control with a 50’ range and a unique code for no interference operation
    • Auto Stop Technology stops the winch at completion
    • Mounts in designated, integrated location
    • Recover open cable 5-times faster than standard speed
    • 1.6-hp motor provides 4,500 lb rated pulling power
    • 50-ft. synthetic rope provides strong, tangle-free pulling
    • Fully sealed design with durable corrosion resistant finish
    • Tested 1,200+ pulls at max load, it works when you need it to
    • Built to withstand -20-degree F temperatures
    • Sealed motor and heavy duty gears operate fully submerged underwater
    • Military tested and approved
    • Fully integrated mount and wiring
    • 1-year warranty
    • Winch Mount
    • Wireless Remote
    • Auto Stop Technology Fairlead
    • Fully Sealed High Current
    • Contactor
    • Power Cables

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